Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University. Vol 15, N 3. 2020


Pdf_ico Akhunov A. A., Tukmakova N. A., Tukmakov D. A. A Numerical Study of the Propagation of a Shock Wave of Extremely Low Intensity from a Pure Gas into an Electrically Charged Dusty Medium
Pdf_ico Tolpaev V. A., Ahmedov K. S., Petrosyants M. T., Mathematical Models for Calculating the Forecast Gas Well Perfomance by Curves “Flow Rate — Accumulated Production”
Pdf_ico Kholodovskii S. Ye. On the Solution of the Dirichlet Problem in the Half-Plane for Divergent Equations with Piecewise Smooth Coefficients
Pdf_ico Kholodovskii S. Ye., Efimova I. A. Dirichlet Problem in a Strip for Divergent Equations with Monotone Discontinuous Coefficients. Cases of the Solution to the Problem in the Final Form


Pdf_ico Akselevich V. I., Mazurov G. I., Tarabukin I. A., Khairullin C. Sh. Climatic Scales and Representativeness of Aerological Observations in Relation to Mesoclimatic Prognostic Models
Pdf_ico Berezin S. Ya. Parameters of Plastic Deformation Process During Internal Thread Tapping
Pdf_ico Bordonskiy G. S. Features of the Physical Characteristics of Water Near Zero Degrees Celsius
Pdf_ico Venslavsky V. В. Proposals for Amendments in the Standard for Electrical Eengineering
Pdf_ico Zheleznyak I.I., Ivin I. A., Gurulev A. A. Thermoelastic Model of Cryogenic Heaving of Finely Dispersed Soil
Pdf_ico Nomokonova O. V. About one Forecasting Approach Forest Fire Conditions
Pdf_ico Orlov A. О. Detection of Ice 0 in Various Synthetic and Natural Environments

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Pdf_ico From the Generаtion of Winners
Pdf_ico То the 70th Birthday Anniversary of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Tolpaev

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Pdf_ico Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University. Vol.15, N 3